When fangirls get new toys.

"Once upon a time John was off being married or some stupid shit, when a substandard (in Sherlock’s opinion) robot called You was accidentally delivered to 221b from Stark Industries.

Suddenly a god appeared. Sherlock deduced it was Loki and used his bartitsu skills and misdirection to get the staff from him. (Goodness! Is that Odin behind you?)

Sherlock poked Loki with the staff and nothing happened. ‘Oh, you have performance issues too?’ said Loki. ‘Glad I’m not the only one.’ ‘Shut up!’ hissed Sherlock hissily.

Suddenly there was a great roar and Sherlock was more surprised than when John called him brilliant to see two monsters take the roof from 221b. ‘Leatherback and Knifehead,’ Loki said dryly. ‘Their masters have been looking for me.’ ‘And you brought them here? God, you lower the IQ of the entire universe,’ Sherlock said.

A giant robot appeared through a great rift, despatched Knifehead and KO’ed Leatherback with one rocket fist. ‘Gipsy Danger!’ everyone cheered. ‘We’re saved!’

'Well, my thanks,' said Loki, because Freya raised him properly. Sherlock sulked and didn't thank Gipsy Danger, because in spite of his upbringing he was rude and wishing John had been there. John would have used his gun in that military way that got Sherlock hot and bothered and saved the day, he knew.

And then Gipsy Danger, Sherlock and Loki had a giant jam session, and You conducted it with his new staff.

The end.”

Are you still taking quick requests for c86? I'm desperate.

I’ll forward this on to fan-services, as I am in canada on vacation and thus not attending Comiket, but I don’t know if her cut-off date has passed already. It may have - she does lots of pre-con organizing. Or you can contact her - she has her email posted on her LiveJournal. It will also tell you whether her cut off date for ordering is over. Sorry - I’m on my mobile and can’t throw a link in but if you search fan services Comiket doujinshi you are sure to find her.

Good luck!



It’s the big event of the summer — COMIKET 86

Are you ready to order some doujinshi? Send me an email to fanservices.sales❀ , with C86 included in the subject line. Shopping service details and how-to are available at the above link.

Interested in ordering, but not sure what artists or fandoms are participating? The web catalog is here — login is required, but basic accounts are free.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask or email!

Three weeks to go until the deposit deadline (August 10th)! 

Even if you’re not exactly sure what your favorite circles will be bringing yet, please let me know of your interest early so we can get a rough estimate going. Orders with deposits received after the deadline will be assessed a late fee. D:

I’ve uploaded a copy of the shopping list/invoice spreadsheet I use for event calculations. You can download a copy here and use it as an order form, or even just to play around with the different shipping rates and such. 

Sample C86 Form

As always, feel free to send me an ask or email with any questions or requests. (Or issues with the above form: this is the first time I’ve made one available online, and I may have gotten the protection settings wrong.)


It’s the big event of the summer — COMIKET 86

Are you ready to order some doujinshi? Send me an email to fanservices.sales❀ , with C86 included in the subject line. Shopping service details and how-to are available at the above link.

Interested in ordering, but not sure what artists or fandoms are participating? The web catalog is here — login is required, but basic accounts are free.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask or email!



Selling: BBC Sherlock doujinshis by $10,000 Hiromi: FRIEND (R18, pairing J/S) and Chiisana Yoru no Monogatari (rating PG).

We ship internationally from Japan. Payment via PayPal. Send us an ask if you’re interested!

Reblogging because $10,000’s terrific doujin Friend, set in the aftermath of THOB, is relatively hard to find.  There’s been no new Sherlock doujin from this very talented artist in 2014, so these two works may represent their entire output in this fandom (plus one omake iirc).  



Title: Sweet Sweet

Artists/ doujin circle: Hide-and-see/ Nene

Pairing: J/S

Rating: R18

Pages: 28

Summary: Fresh from Movies Paradise 22! Is it just me or was there  a surge of J/S doujins this time around? Anyway, it’s all good! This doujin in particular is very lovely, with John waking up after his first time with Sherlock and remembering the details of the night before. It’s really very sweet, with Sherlock being all uncertain and actually TERRIFIED, and John being such a good instructor (“open your mouth” and “just a little bit more” as he taught Sherlock how to kiss), so considerate and restrained until he could no longer do so. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this circle!

Another set of SH2JW’s books up on Ebay here.  It’s for the complete trilogy - Dangerous Disadvantage is getting harder to find for sane amounts by itself, but I’d rather not break up a set.

*frustrated sigh*



People who read scanlations (for free!) and then go and accuse the people who do the fucking work of being assholes because scanlating is illegal.

Well, you don’t say.

So is posting pictures, videos, music etc that you don’t have the copyright for on this fucking platform called tumblr that you use every day. Somehow that doesn’t stop you from doing it and other people don’t seem to be giving you shit about it.

We scanlators know that scanning and uploading other people’s work is illegal. That’s not all we do though. Just like you artists edit your pictures, videos etc, we clean, translate and letter the manga, dōjinshi, articles etc. before uploading them.
And yes. We do in fact delete the work if the artists ask us to. I can only speak for my scanlation group here, but doing otherwise would be indeed asshole behavior. Which is why we (MxV) deleted one’s artist work and now ask for permission from dōjinshi artists before we scanlate their work. THAT IS NOT HOW IT NORMALLY WORKS FOR SCANLATION GROUPS! Usually, you do the work, post it, and if the artist finds their work and wants it off the internet, you delete it.
And I want to be clear about something: it is very hard to get in touch with some artists, they more often than not don’t answer to messages for whatever reasons unknown to me. It is also impossible for an artist that is being publish officially to allow scanlations of their published work as the copyright often doesn’t lie with them anymore but with the publisher. Meaning: even if the artist doesn’t mind the scanlations, they can hardly say so. So if you scanlate something like say the Sherlock manga, you do it and hope that the publisher doesn’t sue you. The artist - in most cases - won’t. And the publisher probably won’t either because - believe it or not - it helps their sales. The work is being promoted for free and many people go and buy the original product in the end.
Also, as soon as the Sherlock Manga is being picked up from a publisher who wants to translate it officially, we WILL drop the project.

Okay? You may write me about this and tell me your opinion as long as it’s done respectfully. I won’t respond to rude behavior and messages. I saw enough messages on other scanlation group pages and it pissed me off.

Legal matters aside, as I am no expert in addressing these issues.

On the artistic side though, this is a TED talk done by my friend Gwenn Seemel, whose artbook I had the privilege to scanlate. Her view on art ownership/copyright is very unique. You’ll have to watch the whole talk to know what I mean. She didn’t openly talk about where scanlation falls in the conversation, but in private exchanges, she very much acknowledges the meaningfulness of scanlation work. Do note that her views on ownership is not necessarily shared by the majority of artists. But I believe her opinion can help us (scanlator or reader) have a better understanding at what “remaking” art in general says about a certain piece of art.

Probably not related to what Milena is discussing here, but I would always think of this talk whenever this topic comes up.

But yeah, I have been doing scanlations for good 3 years now. Not to give myself any excuse in a legal sense, but I think we do have to keep in mind that the vast majority of manga fandoms LIVE on scanlations that are, almost always, illegal by definition. Without them, a lot of the works will forever be circulated inside their origin country and never gain international popularity. Does anyone seriously think that most fans got into their series by purchasing officially translated manga? And why would any country release a local version of a foreign manga if they don’t already know it has gained attention among fans?

Not to mention scanlators themselves are fans as well. We spend money and time to release a good scanlation, and the consensus among anyone who has done scanlation work is that nobody makes any money off it. Like Milena says, our work ends when we have an official competitor. But before that happens, do remember that this is how most fandoms gain momentum in the first place.



I am selling more BBC Sherlock doujinshi’s on ebay! Including 3 RARE Griotte books. All except one are 18+ JohnxSherlock or SherlockxJohn. 

See all the books I sell on ebay are here:

Melodramatic + Dramatic set

The End of an Era

You make me feel so sad 


A trillion reasons

If people have questions about the books, don’t hesitate to message me. If there are people who would like more than one book, the total shipping cost will be less.

Happy bidding!

People interested should definitely go for the You make Me Feel So Sad - this book, which is in the Melodramatic universe, is harder to get! And this is from the original print run, judging from the half-cover.

From Jay’s The Blind Banker adaptation - the tragic end of Soo Lin.

Wonderful art, from the fear in the set of her shoulder to John’s resignation. Perfect framing and work. The panel with her touching her brother’s face really gets me.